Setapp/popclip help

I moved some NotePlan extensions from a working desktop popclip environment to my laptop. (I couldn’t find the NotePlan extensions on the web). On the desktop, the set app version of NotePlan is installed, and the relevant NP popclip extensions work fine. NotePlan is in the Setapp folder in the Applications folder.

I’ve got the same setapp installation on my laptop, same popclip and NotePlan versions, 2012.12, and the same extensions (I copied them over). But on the laptop, when I invoke one of the NotePlan popclips, I get an popclip error - Missing App: NotePlan Popclip can’t find NotePlan on this computer. You probably need to install it.

Any suggestions on a solution?

Not sure. I don’t know of the NotePlan extension either. It would help to see the extension’s source - perhaps post the zipped extension here.