Share your top 5 Workflows/uses for PopClip?

Hi everyone, PopClip has become an integral part of my workflow in the last few months. I definitely learn a lot from lurking in this forum, but I thought about starting this thread specifically to hear from all of you on how you use PopClip, and how it fits into your workflow. What are your use cases?

This will help me (and hopefully you :slightly_smiling_face: ) see how others are using this app and get new ideas from it.

Please share the screenshots of your PopClip tooltip, and what each of your extension does (especially the custom extensions!)

  • DeeplWrite
  • DeeplTranslate
  • Google & Google Quotes
  • SearchLink
  • Amazon
  • Quotes
  • Link Opener
  • EMail text

I use three different applications to process text/send it somewhere else:

For a quick search, I pull up LaunchBar, type in my query and search Kagi (my search engine of choice), Wikipedia, dictionaries, online shops using custom made search templates.

If the search results from existing notes or notes are created as part of the search, I mark the search term in Drafts and start my search from this programme.

This being said, I also have a few search actions in PopClip (Kagi, Google, Wikipedia), but I primarily use PopClip to transform text:

  • altering MediaWiki syntax (for Wikipedia editing) and Markdown syntax
  • translating text, displaying the result and putting it onto the clipboard (own actions for different languages, based on Python and using the DeepL API, faster and cheaper than LLM IMHO and high-quality results)
  • DeepL write
  • pronouncing sentences and words in other languages
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Nice idea to help us all get ideas from each other on how to be more productive! Here’s my (photo attached)

  • pronouncing sentences and words in other languages

I’m very curious about this. Could you elaborate? What is your workflow exactly? :pray:

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and my extensions :grin:

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Hey @nick , I think it will be useful if you can share how you use PopClip :blush:!!

You have used this options thing here. Can you share what it does? What is this the name of this PopClip feature?

It is options for JSON format.

Here’s the extension I created, you can find it via the github link

At any one time my set of installed extensions is completely random; based on what I’m, testing/debugging/fiddling with at the time. Half of them are called things like “TestColorIcons” or something like that :slight_smile:

But TBH I think I get most use from the basics – Search and Open Link.

Spelling too, although I currently have it set to Welsh for some inexplicable reason.

I also like to have some kind of translation extension installed for translating support messages/tweets etc that come in in foreign languages.

I also don’t like to be without the Comma List extension which comes in remarkably handy.

Plus Bundle ID and Unix Time get a lot of use from me – it’s the developer tools really.

But I chop and change my list so much that it’s never consistent, I’m always reinstalling them after wiping the list.

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