Shortshare extension

Would it be possible to create an extension that shortens URLs via Shortshare?


Happy to have a go, but to save me from buying it, could you upload copy of its Info.plist file. (Right click app, Show Package Contents, browser to Contents/Info.plist) (1.2 KB)
Hi Nick, sorry for the delay. Here is the file.

Disappointingly the plist doesn’t define any of the usual three methods that PopClip can easily use – those being a System Service, a URL scheme or an AppleScript interface. The only recourse left would be to do UI scripting using Apple Script which is a tedious task.

Perhaps you could send the dev a nice note asking for a nice interface for sending URLs to be shortened from external apps.

An example of a similar app does this in a way that’s PopClip-friendly is is Short Menu (and its extension).

As a side note, subjectively I’ve noticed that more and more new apps are not implementing system services these days.