Snippet length discussion

What is the limitation that requires the restriction on snippet length?

I chose 1000 as an opening gambit. I didn’t think it was wise to allow unlimited length of snippets, because I want to encourage people who are doing anything more complicated than a screen-full or so to make a regular extension. That’s not to say the limit couldn’t be increased but I think there should be a reasonable limit.

I would vote for no limit (unless there is some technical reason why one is required).

The snippet system is an immense advance - truly a brilliant improvement upon the work needed to create a regular extension package. I wish Chrome and other apps which allow extensions offered something similar.

The effort/friction to both create a package and to edit it and share it is notable with a regular extension.

I would love to see you make the length unlimited and convince other apps to offer something similar. You are definitely on to something here.

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If you need a limit, I’d say 3000-5000 chars allowing for more option definition, some comments, more complex javascript functions…

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@brokosz @rkaplan

It’s still 1000 by default in 2022.5. But to increase snippet size:

defaults write com.pilotmoon.popclip InceptionTextLimit -int 5000

(5000 is just an example of course)
then Quit and restart PopClip.

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Excellent - much appreciated