Suggestions for Antidote extension


Alex here from Druide informatique, maker of Antidote. Very happy to see Antidote as an extension to your application!
How can we help adding features to this extension ? Could we use Apple events ? Could we add more macOS services ?


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Hi :wave: The extension uses the Services menu item built into Antidote. The best thing is if you can keep that working and not rename it in an update :slight_smile:

I’ll leave it for Antidote users to suggest any improvements…

Agreed that the right path to improving is to ask Antidote users.

There are 4 other services : Antidote - Dictionaries, Antidote - Guide, Antidote - Correct the selection, Antidote - Correct the copied text.
Let us know if we can do anything more ! Pleasure to help!

Note : if we do rename it, we’ll get back to you with proper notice.

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Sounds like some of those other actions could have useful PopClip actions attached. Although, I do find that PopClip extensions work best when they present a single “most useful” option rather than an array of possibilities, so perhaps it is already optimum. But I don’t know — the Antidote extension was contirbuted 7 years ago by a user, and I’m not familiar with Antidote myself (it doesn’t seem like you have a free trial?). I have kept it maintained and working since then but that is a far as it has gone.

p.s. one inprovement I would like to make to the online extensions directory is to have a discussion thread attached for each one. That could help in encouraging user feedback for improvements (if I ever get it done!)

Send me your email; I’ll send you a trial version.

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any updates?

The Antidote extension is still here: Antidote — PopClip Extensions