The New PopClip Icon

I saw in the release notes that there is a new PopClip icon.
After installing it, I am (as the kids call it) shook.

It’s, uhh… definitely a macOS 11 Big Sur styled icon.

This will take some time to process.

I know, right? Whatever next?!

Worth noting for anyone reading that it is in the beta version only at the moment.

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I may be comiong across as negative, but it’s just going to take some time to get used to.

At least you didn’t pull the old ‘just-throw-the-existing-icon-onto-a-white-squircle’ bit that a lot of developers do :wink:

Ha, exactly :slight_smile:
Here’s the new icon, which was designed by Matthew Skiles.


I dunno, that might be a deal-killer for me.

Just kidding! I never look at the menu bar icon anyway. As long as something is functional, I don’t usually care much about appearances. And popclip is one of the most useful extensions I use.

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Curious. Were do you get this new icon?

Weird, I use the Menu Bar icon all the time, and I don’t use the Dock icon.

Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

To clear up any misunderstandings:

  1. The new icon is the application icon - the blue and black icon you see in Finder, in Launchpad and so on and which appears in places like the Mac App Store and in marketing contexts. The aim of the redesign was to present a more modern icon in the “Big Sur” style while still hopefully being familiar and recognisable as “the popclip icon”.

  2. The menu bar icon is not changing.

  3. The new icon can be found in the current beta release of PopClip, which is available at for anyone who would like to try it. At some point, it will be released in the next production update to the Mac App Store, etc. but I don’t yet know when that will be.

Happy PopClipping!

Great work… :+1:

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I don’t use either icon. I select something with the mouse and the pop-up pops up.

Hello guys.
Is it possible to provide a custom menu bar icon in the settings to provide a square or rectangular menu bar icon, the old menu bar icon has been used for too long and has become visually fatiguing and a custom new icon seems to be a better decision.

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Visually fatiguing! Can you explain a bit more what you don’t like about it? I know it has been the same for 12 years but that is not in itself a good reason to change, IMO. Interesting anyway … There was me thinking it was comfortable and recognisable…