Tot extension prepend version

so as someone who prefers preprending text if i send it somewhere — and as someone who likes Tot (after discovering it via this very forum!) and even though i am a bear of small brain, i managed to hack the Tot extension to do just that.

in case it’s useful to anyone, it is a simple matter of changing append to prepend in this line of the config.json file inside the package (and removing ‘com.pilotmoon’ from the identifier) and it works!

"url" : "tot://{popclip option page}/append?text={popclip text}”

but what i would also like to do is to insert a couple of returns after the text fragment i am sending but now i have reached the outer limits of my admittedely very limited js skills.

what i’ve tried is

"url" : "tot://{popclip option page}/prepend?text={popclip text\n\n}”

but of course it doesn’t work.

could someone point me in the write oops right direction? :wink:

thank you!

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{popclip text\n\n} should probably be {popclip text}%0A%0A

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bingo! thanks @nick!