Transform text direction (right-to-left / left-to-right)

This one is more of a place holder for an idea really. By email:

I’m looking for a Popclip extension to transform a text from Left to Right (like an English text) to Right to Left (Hebrew, Arabic….)

For example

This word in Hebrew

I want to put it on the other side in one click


Do you have an extension for that?

I don’t know much about this. I’m wondering if anyone can suggest a method.

I know macOS provides tools for this in certain context menus with standard text controls. Ideally though, a PopClip extension would be agnostic of any in-built commands because they are not always available in every app.

A possible resource:

Edit: Interestingly, the text changed during the process of copying it and pasting it to the forum; in the email, the second example was over on the right-hand side. Tricky stuff this.

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Anyone found a solution?