Tureng extension

Hi everyone,

I need an extension for Tureng, which is available in the App Store if that’s the right way to put it. Tureng is the largest Turkish-English dictionary available. Tureng also has an icon in the Menu Bar that makes it possible to search for words and a sort of floating window. There is actually a PopClip extension for 2017, but it fails to search in that Menu Bar view of Tureng, and it fails to search for words using PopClip when Tureng is minimised to the Dock, for example. A spinning search sign and then nothing… Is anyone willing to help?


I downloaded Tureng and looked in its Info.plist. Normally to make such an extension we hope the app has one of the following:

  • A System Service
  • An AppleScript interface
  • A URL scheme interface

Unfortunately, Tureng has none of these.

Hi Nick,

Thanks for your attention and message. Actually, I found an extension on GitHub from 2017 and downloaded it. However, the extension is only working on the main window of Tureng, and if Tureng minimizes Dock, the extension remains unanswered. But Tureng has a Menu Bar floating window like Mate Translate, and if it is possible, searching and showing on that floating window would be perfect. I was going to upload the zip file of the extension; however, restrictions do not allow me. So I am copying the URL and sending it to you. I hope it works.


That extension is using quite a complex AppleScript which simulates UI interactions to open the Tureng window, insert text and press buttons. As such it is quite fragile and dependent on the UI state of the app. That’s why it only works in some conditions.

What is really needed is for the Tureng developer to add a suitable interface similar to what Mate translate and other translation apps all have. A System Service is probably the simplest. Perhaps you could contact the developer to suggest it.