Updated extension: Select All

Select All is updated with a slightly refreshed icon and to be more consistent in when it appears,

Full readme:

Select All

Presses ⌘A, which in most apps will select all text, then re-triggers PopClip with the new selection.

(To show PopClip for no selection, hold down the mouse button.)



This is an extension for PopClip.


Nick Moore


Requires PopClip 2021.11.


v2 - 5 Nov 2021

  • Improved logic so it appears in the PopClip bar more consistently.
  • Refreshed icon.

v1 - 8 Jan 2013

  • Initial release.

The extension appears to have a bug. Whenever it triggers, it leaves behind the spinning “wait” wheel on the screen, even when the PopClip action is complete and the text is no longer selected. I’ve disabled each PopClip extension to determine which one was doing it. It’s consistently the “Select All” extension. The wheel pops up right after one clicks “select all.” Other than pushing that wheel onto the screen, where it hovers above all other windows and can only be removed by force-quitting PopClip, the extension works correctly.

Hi @habitable, thanks for the report and welcome to the forum.

I should have posted here already — this is a known bug. Not in fact with the extension, but with PopClip itself.

It is fixed in the latest PopClip beta, available at PopClip Downloads.

I expect this to be become the main PopClip release in the next couple of weeks but you are welcome to install the beta now.

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