Updated extension: Shorten Link

The classic Shorten Link extension, for is.gd and v.gd, is now Monterey compatible.

if you think this extension could benefit from the addition of any more shortening services, let me know.

Shorten Link

Shorten the selected URL using is.gd or v.gd.

Download: ShortenLink.popclipextz


The extension has one action, which is available when the input text string contains one or more web URLs. The extension will shorten all the detected URLs using the selected shortening service, replacing the URLs in the string with their shortened equivalents.


The Shortening Service has the choice of shortening services:


This is an extension for PopClip.


Nick Moore


The original PHP extension by this name (now completely rewritten) was by hzlzh.


Requires PopClip 2021.11



19 May 2022

  • Rewritten in in JavaScript.

4 Jun 2016

  • Use https endpoint.

16 April 2016

  • Removed goo.gl from supported services.

11 Feb 2013

  • Original PHP extension.
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is it possible to expanding a url?