Updated extension: Todoist

The Todoist extension is now updated to work on macOS Monterey.


Add the selected text to Todoist.

The task can either be added to the Inbox (default), or to a specified project and section. You can also specify a due date for tasks, in Todoist’s natural language format.

Download: Todoist.popclipextz


This is an extension for PopClip.


Nick Moore


Requires PopClip 2021.11



v5 — 4 Nov 2022

  • Added options to pre-specify a project, section and due date for tasks.

  • Formatting and links are preserved in the task’s text.

  • Updated to work with Todoist’s REST API v2.

v4 — 30 Mar 2022

  • Extension ported to JavaScript.

v3 — 11 Mar 2020

  • Updated to Todoist API v8.

v2 — 25 Aug 2016

  • Updated to Todoist API v7.

v1 - 30 May 2014

  • Initial release

Hello @nick! Thanks for this useful extension! Is it possible to add the option to add the task to a specific project and section, instead of the inbox? Thanks!

Not with the current extension as written. It may well be possible though. For now I’ll just leave these here:

I’ve updated the extension today, you can now (optionally) specify a project, section and due date. Download the update from: Todoist — PopClip Extensions

I’ve updated the readme at the top to reflect the latest version.