Url without % on it

I’m trying to do an extension, the goal is to select an url ( https://mydomain.net/abcdef125) and to send it to an application.

All is working ok, except that when the application received the url it’s:


it is possible that Is the application who try to format the url too…

I simply did:

name: Myapp
icon: circle filled 本
url: Myapp:{popclip text}

maybe I could modify the url to avoid the swap, like replace the / with _
is it possible?

Any idea?

PopClip automatically percent-encodes the text it puts in the URL to comply with web standards. Most apps will accept percent encoded input and automatically decode it.

I you want to open a URL without percent-encoding you could do:

name: Myapp
icon: circle filled 本
javascript: popclip.openUrl("myapp:" + popclip.input.text)

Sorry, I completely missed the feedback here

if I do this, it is almost perfect but what I see in my application is “myapp::https://mydomain.net/abcdef125” instead of “https://mydomain.net/abcdef125

Anyway to only have the url?

No, because myapp: is intrinsically part of the URL. If it weren’t there, macOS would not be able to route it to your app.

The receiving app is responsible for dealing with the format of its custom URL scheme.

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I was thinking, is it really a url scheme you should be using? Perhaps you really want this:

name: Myapp
icon: circle filled 本
javascript: |
  popclip.openUrl(popclip.input.text, {
      app: "com.myapp.bundleid"

It seams my iOS application running on macOS don’t have bundle id in the Info.plist … pkgutil --pkgs don’t expose it too … :thinking: