Using Popclip within Arc Browser

I’m having a problem with using Popclip with Arc Browser where when there is a new tab created when doing popclip actions like search the app get’s unfocused and doesn’t respond to any keyboard shortcuts, so I have to manually focus it again either by clicking it, doing alt tab 2x times, or pressing my shortcut fo the app etc. When Arc is not focused the color of the theme is lighter so you can see when it gets focused again. This is the same for all actions which originate from within the browser and end in the browser, like search, go to link etc. Interestengly this problem does not happen when a popclip action originates from somewhere else, for example when i do a popclip from another app then arc ends with the focus, probably because the action of course has to focus arc to do the action. Any ideas?

When inside browsers, PopClip uses AppleScript to open the new tab. This allows certain features like holding shift to open a new tab in the background instead of in the foreground. It also prevents problems in incognito mode in Chrome and Safari.

Links opened from outside the browser are handles by the browsers regular “open url” event handler instead.

It seem that Arc is not responding well to the AppleScript call, at least on your machine (it seems to work OK on mine at the moment).

We can disable the in-browser behaviour with the following Terminal command:

defaults write com.pilotmoon.popclip DisableBrowserTabScripts -bool YES

then Quit and restart PopClip.

If you do that, you should see it work better in within Arc.


It worked! Thank you so much this is such a great app and awesome support.