"What's My Locator?" failure

Good afternoon (UTC)
I am a radio ham and regualrly use WhatsMyLocator.co.uk
From previous searches it looks like the format is as shown in the example (new user limit), then the search terms, linked by "+"s

Here is my limited attempt:

name: What’s my locator?
icon: circle filled W
url: https://www.whatsmylocator.co.uk/?address={popclip text}

This just dumps me at the default position (London) and I still have to enter the address into the box given.
Any ideas please?
Thank you

Welcome to the forum, @MisterG !

Your extension seems to work so far as it produces the specified URL, however it seems that the website itself doesn’t recognise what you put in the address query parameter.

That is to say it doesn’t populate the serarch box. So if I open https://www.whatsmylocator.co.uk/?address=bolton it doesn’t put bolton in the search box.

You’ll need to figure out what query param (if any) the website accepts.

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