Add hyperlink to text

I have not found any extension that allows you to add a hyperlink when you select a word or text. If it does not exist, I suggest the possibility of creating such an extension.
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Could you please provide a before and after example?

Hello,… This would be inserting a link (URL) in one or more words instead of pasting the full URL. That is, when you select the word and PopClip appears, have an extension to paste the URL that has been copied from a browser.
Similar in WORD see this option: Create or modify a hyperlink

Where do you want to use it? You can either have an action that triggers this functionality from Microsoft Office in this application only or an action that e.g. puts the syntax for a link around the selected text, e.g. in Markdown:


We have a nice snippet for when editing HTML as plain text:
Snippet: Make hyperlink from clipboard link
which could also easily be modified to support Markdown.

However I think what @Lusoluso wants is:

name: Insert Hyperlink (⌘K)
icon: iconify:formkit:url
key combo: command K

(The above block is an extension snippet — select it then click “Install Extension” in PopClip.)

CleanShot 2024-06-23 at 06.11.39

p.s. I used Extension for Iconify to pick the icon :wink:

Right. Thank you very much, Nick.
Apart from using it in WORD, where I would use it most would be when composing an email from Mail, Outlook, etc.
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Good afternoon from Spain,… I copied the extension proposed by Nick and installed it in PopClip and it worked perfectly. I can add a hyperlink from any text or mail application and, to tell the truth, it has simplified my daily work.
Thank you very much and it is true that POPClip is one of the best applications I have installed on my Mac.
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