Amboss,Goodnotes incorporation issue

Thank u for this beautiful app,i hope u can make extension to open “amboss” website directly,it’s a famous website that medical stuff uses regularly
Amboss website:

And when i read pdf on Goodnotes app i cant use PopClip option when i select any text ,if u can incorporate PopClip into Goodnotes

Regarding AMBOSS:

name: AMBOSS search 
icon: circle filled AM
description: AMBOSS 

(The above block is an extension snippet – select it to install the extension with PopClip)

This should work for the German version, if you use the English version you need to replace the URL. Just enter a term into the search field on the AMBOSS website and adapt the resulting URL from the browser‘s address bar.


Hi, I downloaded and tried Goodnotes 6. It seemed to work OK for me with PopClip 2024.5.2.

Can you describe in more detail what trouble you are having with Goodnotes, and the app versions involved?

EDIT: I did find that with PDFs in Goodnotes, PopClip does not pop up when highlighting text. However, you can make PopClip pop up with the PopClip keyboard shortcut.

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popclip trigger works, thank u

thank u ,sorry I’m beginner here …I tried to download snippest extension to add Amboss URL but I can’t…or I’m didn’t understand what u mean

EDIT:i try and the problem solved …much thanks

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