Apple Notes extension isn't working

  1. Select text on website, PopClip popup appears
  2. In PopClip popup, click Apple Notes icon
  3. Nothing happens
  4. In Apple Notes app, no new notes have been created and now existing notes have been changed

Thanks for the report. What macOS verson are you on? Did it ever previously work for you or did you just install it for the first time?

it’s still working for me but some other people have mentioned it is not working too. I wonder what is causing the failure.

I’ve done some work on this and I released a new PopClip beta Build 4541 to support improved operation of the sharing sevices (such as share to Notes).

If you’d like to try it, install the beta and then please use the following snippet to install a new Notes extension for testing (see link below for instructions how to install a snippet):

REMOVED -- see updated snippet below

Please let me know if it works for you!

Once tested and complete, I will of course update the published notes extension.

Here’s an updated snippet to go with Build 4573. It has the advantage of preserving links in the selected text content. It also embeds URLs shared to notes as URL previews rather than plain links.

// #popclip
// name: NotesTest2
// popclip version: 4573
// captureHtml: true
// captureRtf: true
// language: javascript
const items = [];
if (popclip.input.isUrl) {
  items.push({ url:[0] });
} else if (popclip.input.content["public.rtf"]) {
  items.push(new RichString(popclip.input.rtf, { format: "rtf" }));
} else if (popclip.input.content["public.html"]) {
  // note this uses the sanitized html with formatting removed
  items.push(new RichString(popclip.input.html, { format: "html" }));
} else {
popclip.share("", items);

(The above block is an extension snippet — select it then click “Install Extension” in PopClip.)

Hi Nick,

I just tried testing it and it refused to work :frowning:

Could you elaborate on what exactly happened and can you confirm which version of popclip you have installed?

i tested on latest release of popclip not a beta version. Was it only meant for beta versions? Sorry in that case

When selected the extension gave back a shaking X and nothing else.

Yes, the snippet above only works on Beta 45484573 or above. The link to betas is in the same post with ths snippet.

I’ve added popclip version to the snippet so it will give proper message on older versions than 45484573 – I should have done that in the first place.

The new Notes extension is now up in the directory: Notes — PopClip Extensions