Broken sh extension with 2011.11

Just updated to 2011.11 and it broke my anki-connect extensions :sob:

This is the script I’m using:

curl localhost:8765 -X POST -d "{
    \"action\": \"guiAddCards\",
    \"version\": 6,
    \"params\": {
        \"note\": {
            \"deckName\": \"Master\",
            \"modelName\": \"Basic\",
            \"fields\": {
                \"Front\": \"$POPCLIP_TEXT\",
                \"Back\": \"$POPCLIP_TEXT\"
            \"options\": {
                \"closeAfterAdding\": true
            \"tags\": [

Any ideas on how to help?


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Hi @mpq15, welcome to the forum and thanks for posting. Unfortunately this is a bug that I let slip in, in 2021.11 :frowning: You can read all about it and the fix/workarounds here:

Bug: “No such executable in PATH: (null)” when loading extension

That’s great, installed the beta and everything is working again. Thanks so much!