Bug with "Spaces"


I’ve been using since today the latest popclip version 2024.3 build 4508 with the latest Safari version on Monterey (17.4) on a French MacOs and I’ve noticed a bug with Spaces (Spaces from Misson Control, which allow you to have several virtual monitors) .

Whenever I try using a popclip extension that uses Safari, such as Search, Google translate, Google maps, imdb search, etc… if there is no open safari window in the Space I’m using, it fails. If there is one, it will open in the background.
This is specific to Safari, if I use Search in Spotify, it moves to the Spotify Space.
This also new. I did not have this problem before.

I restarded and noticed I was asked the permission to allow accessibility to PopClip, but it did not solve the issue.
This is pretty annoying, since I used it tens of times per day

Thanks for reporting this, @hseverac , and welcome to the forum.

In the recent update I did change how PopClip opens tabs in Safari. This was done to solve a different problem regarding tab groups, and also to allow background tab opening (when holding Shift).

It looks like this issue with Spaces didn’t get flushed out during testing. I’ll investigate, and report back here.

In the mean time you might wish to temporarily install the previous version of PopClip.

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Done. It solved my issue.

I may have a hint regarding the bug. It seems the tabs were indeed opened but on a hidden window placed in the dock.

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Hi @hseverac , I’ve just pushed out Beta 4511 to fix this. It should behave like it used to with Spaces now. If you get a chance to try it, please let me know how it goes.

Thanks. The beta is working fine.

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