Can Not Post Extension Snippet SOLVED

I finally got around to writing a Snippet to reformat US phone numbers.

Unfortunately, when I posted it to the Forum, the Snippet wasn’t recognized when selected.

For some reason, the software used for the Forum, Discourse, is apparently converting the characters #popclip into a link to as you can see in this screenshot:

How do I upload this Extension?

// PopClip
// name: US Phone Number
// icon: square +1
// language: javascript
// after: paste-result
const countryCode = ‘1’;
const prefix = ‘+’ + countryCode + ’ ';
const separator = ’ ';
const standardPhoneNumberLength = 10;
const selectedText = popclip.input.text;
let digitsOnly = selectedText.replace(/\D/g, ‘’);
if (digitsOnly.startsWith(countryCode)) {
digitsOnly = digitsOnly.slice(countryCode.length);
if (digitsOnly.length == standardPhoneNumberLength) {
return prefix + digitsOnly.slice(0,3) + separator + digitsOnly.slice(3,6) + separator + digitsOnly.slice(6);
return selectedText;

Apparently Discourse creates the link because there is no space between # and popclip even though that’s how it’s shown in the Developer’s Reference on Inverted Syntax.

The solution/workaround is to mark the Snippet’s entire block as pre-formatted text by placing three ticks ( `) above and below the block.

// #popclip