Can You add the option to change font colors

I would love it if you could add the option to change font colors.

Thanks for the suggestion @seanpinderministries !

I’ll certainly bear it in mind. Is this for accessibilty (legibility for example) or aesthetic purposes? And is there a particular color scheme you had in mind?

This is for legibility. I love to color code my notes because it helps me with my presentation. The color scheme I had in mind is the standard color scheme that is in MS Word. I believe in your product and it has been a tremendous help to me. A big thanks for making such a great app.

Ah I see, somehow I though you mean the colors of the font in PopClip!

This one is actually rather difficult technically – generally anything to do with formatting, PopClip will struggle with. It’s much better at plain text tasks.

As a possible workaround, how about an extension that contains the following AppleScript command?

choose color

The above command displays a color picker dialog.

Not the same as Word’s color picker, but maybe serviceable.

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Let’s try it with this snippet:

name: ChooseColorTest
applescript: choose color

(The above block is an extension snippet — select it then click “Install Extension” in PopClip.)

It definitely pops up the chooser. Does it actually do anything with the value though? I think it must need some way to apply the result to the selection.

Oops, my mistake. I should have tested it before (rather than after) posting.

The link in my initial posting shows how to use the choose color command in an AppleScript to apply a desired color to text.


Open in Script Editor

Listing 29-1AppleScript: Adding colored text to a new TextEdit document

  1. set theColor to choose color default color {0, 65535, 0}
  2. --> Result: {256, 40421, 398}
  3. tell application "TextEdit"
  4. set theDocument to make new document
  5. set text of document 1 to "Colored Text"
  6. set color of text of document 1 to theColor
  7. end tell
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