Does "Preserve Color" still work on PopClip 2024.3.1?

Looks like preserve color: true or preserve image color: true stops working after upgrading from 2023.9 to 2024.3.1. The icon is black now.

name: SomeName
icon: SomeIcon.png
preserve color: true
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It’s supposed to work, but I just tested it, and it doesnt!

I’ll get on it.

Thanks for reporting this, @zzz.

Thanks Nick!

Another question: which one is preferred: preserve color or preserve image color?

preserve color is the preferred. (preserve image color also still works fine but is deprecated.)

Latest icon docs: Icons — PopClip Developer

I will fix this properly in the next version, but for now I have a workaround for you:

instead of:

icon: SomeIcon.png
preserve color: true


icon: preserve_color file:SomeIcon.png

Please could you let me know if this is fixed for you in beta Build 4516?

Sometimes I am confused that in doc it’s preserve_color (underscore) while in the installation script it’s preserve color (space)

Thanks, Nick. It works!

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Yeah, that’s annoying me in the docs too. You can put preserve_color for both if you want. Or preserveColor. Or PreserveColor. Whatever floats your boat.

That’s probably confused you more I guess.

You just can’t have it with a space in the icon string.

Do you mean all keywords can use this pattern?

For example:

  • key combo:
  • key_combo:
  • keyCombo:
  • KeyCombo:

Yes. See “key names” at The config dictionary — PopClip Developer

Thanks for the information!

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