English comma to Chinese full-width enumeration comma

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I work as a freelance translator, translating English into Traditional Chinese (Taiwan). I would like to request a extension that can turn an English comma into a Chinese full-width enumeration comma and the space removed, for example:

Source: A、B、C、
Target: A、B、C

This can save a considerable amount of selecting and copying time. I believe a large number of translators who translate into either Simplified or Traditional Chinese would be very happy to have it.

Here’s a PopClip snippet that should do this:

name: Full-width comma
icon: square filled 、
after: paste-result
javascript: |
  return popclip.input.text.replace(/, */g, '、')

(The above block is an extension snippet - select it to install the extension with PopClip)

CleanShot 2022-10-25 at 17.02.55

It still leaves the final 、 at then end (A, B, C,A、B、C、). Suggestion for nice code to solve this welcome…

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