Etimonline, please :-)

GIVE ME ETIMONLNE, please :blush:
I am one of the 3 people, perhaps (perhaps less😥) avid to know what are some words really mean today, where meaning before and coming originally from and also through which path their 3 thousand-long journeys brought them to have the fancy acceptations they nowadays have (how would you translate TODAY the film title 'The gay divorce" with Friederich Austerlitz (later renamed Fred Astaire… guess why?)?

name: Etymonline
icon: circle filled E
description: Online Etymology Dictionary

Select everything with PopClip, it will offer you an install option.

Thanks… but could you please be more clear?
Are you trying to tell me that I could select a word and open it on Etymonline adding this to my PopClip choices by doing something to install it without selecting the browser extension from the contextual menu?

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Please have a look: Introducing Extension Snippets


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THANK YOU SO MUCH, Nick (Kolkrabe is the German name of an incredibly clever bird…I’m twice curious: why this bird as your Nick(:blush:)name and why German, my first language?).
I apologise for my narrow understanding skill (for a stupid like me, you had better write:
“Select now the whole text here above (…) and LEARN about Extension Snippets, you ignorant!:rage:)” :blush: and your quick response adds more esteem for you to the esteem I already had for PopClip (NOW growing by learning!).
I will now make more Snippets for similar uses (, exempli gratia).
Take care and THANK YOU again!
GianMarco Tavazzani

icon: circle filled Eit
description: Vocabolario etimologico Ottorino Pianigiani

For some reason, the url can’t be saved here as I published it (http…://***&find=Cerca)

Published in 1907 by Ottorino Pianigiani and then in 1926, the same year of his death

Try asking ‘corvo’ :wink:

Haha. Hello, Kolkrabe is not me, but another helpful user of thie forum.

…then I will ask HIM :wink: (and thank him as well)
Curiously, I see now that MY FIST snipped is now showed as expected (before it was transformed in a link “Etimo : :” (which was NOT working, by the way, that’s why I added the line with the text that I wrote on my reply… a truly strange site-messaging behaviour)
Now I keep LEARNING more about the further skills of PopClip, as Kolkrabe smartly suggested to me :wink:

Hallo Kolkrabe! (erst DANKE!) Bist du Deutsche? :slight_smile:

Ah yes, that’s beacuse I edited your post to apply code formatting to your snippet.

To do this, add three backticks (```) on the lines before and after.

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I lear, learn and learn :wink: … THANKS Nick! :+1:

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