Etymologies and Ancient languages

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my work orients around having to read classical Greek and Latin, and looking up etymologies of different words. For basic quick searches, I appeal to and their huge library definitions, however for more advanced contexts I might have to use something like or BRILL Ancient dictionaries. I lack any technical ability but I’m curious if it would be possible to make accessible any etymological dictionaries, and lexicons of ancient languages on PopClip.

Any attention and contribution to solving this is greatly appreciated, thanks everyone!

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name: Liddell, Scott, Jones Ancient Greek Lexicon (LSJ)
description: Search Ancient Greek dictionaries
popclip version: 4151
icon: circle filled LSJ

(The above block is an extension snippet – select it to install the extension with PopClip)

Try it out:


How do you access the The Brill Dictionary of Ancient Greek Online? I found no way to access it using some simple search query.

It is quite easy to build PopClip actions for other dictionary sites, have a look at Snippets — PopClip Developer.

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Okey…this was mind blowing, I’ll experiment a bit and report back