Example snippet: Use of regex, copy to clipboard (remove $ symbols)

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If I copy some text; while pasting, I need to tinker with the copied text; then how can I do that?

For example, if I am copying the math/LaTeX Code:

$x+y=2$ … and when I copy it, by default, it takes, that dollar sign as well and when I want to paste it somewhere else, I no longer required those dollar signs, so how do I get rid of that?

Moreover, this is just a sample question… but I might have more complex situations… for example, I need to remove $ and then the earlier LaTeX environment as well… and similarly, in the last also, $ and subsequent environments, then how to do that?

Is there any quick command to do such kind of thing?

This could be done with a PopClip extension as follows:

// #popclip
// name: Remove $
// regex: \$.+\$
// icon: circle monospaced $
// language: javascript
const result = popclip.input.matchedText.slice(1,-1);

(The above block is an extension snippet — select it then click “Install Extension” in PopClip.)


  • the regex: \$.+\$ matches inputs containing $...$ capturing everything between the first and last $.

  • The .slice(1,-1) removes the first and last character

  • popclip.copyText() copies the result to the clipboard.

For other situations, you would of course need to modify the regex and code accordingly. I hope this provides a starting point.

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This is what I wanted…You are Great, Nick!

I am so blessed to have you has a mentor in this!


Dr. Dishant

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