Extension snippet: Start Dictation

By email:

Any chance of adding a trigger for “start dictation”?

This one needs a tiny bit of set-up.

First go to System Settings → Keyboard and scroll down to Dictation. Set a shortcut and choose the custom option. Set a shortcut combination of your choice. Here, I’m choosing ⌃⌥⌘D:

Next, either use the following snippet, or edit it if you chose a different shortcut to me:

name: Start Dictation
icon: symbol:mic
requirements: [paste]
key combo: control option command D

(The above block is an extension snippet — select it then click “Install Extension” in PopClip.)

Then long-press to show PopClip in any editable field, and you should see the microphone icon to triggger dictation.

CleanShot 2024-03-28 at 14.29.52