Feature: Auto Copy / Auto Action

SuperTab was exciting, then I deleted it. Over time it felt heavy, too visually complex and clunky. It became yet another morphing interface to navigate. It didn’t reduce actions it create more. While I have to make selections I don’t have to press the tab key. Nice to enhance the tab key but it’s not required.

I think the essential value of PopClip is that it saves action; it enhances “selecting” without requiring additional movement. This is elegant.

While mixing threads, to further simplify, is it possible to assign a “default action” such as “copy” WITHOUT selecting it from PopClip’s menu? Then, simply selecting an item, automatically adds it to the clipboard. With the default “copy” always “in my pocket” I could replace it by selecting from my menu of options. This brings new functionality to the act of selecting.

Could an “auto mode” be enablable so any PopClip action deploys upon selection?

That’s not a feature that currently available – Although, occasionally there is a bug where PopClip auto-copies everything, which people don’t tend to like, but you might get lucky and it happen to you :slight_smile:

One problem might be that if you are selecting to paste in a replacement, you would lose the text you were going to paste.

Anyway, I’ll give this some thought of course.

Paste From (built-in) clipboard manager or “Copy to/Paste from Shelf” to have a one-step copy backup. :wink:

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Two thoughts:

  1. Could highlight-with-modifier-key (eg, Option) trigger auto copy?

  2. If you did create an auto copy, maybe PopClip would have a buffer for the previous contents of the clipboard, and an item in the popup to paste that buffered contents.

I’m not sure auto copy is something I want – sometimes I highlight thing to replace, as you say, or to emphasize something in a screenshot. But either or both of those modifications might ameliorate concerns.


My gut feeling at the moment is that this feature would add more complexity than I’m comfortable with.


Yes, I too played with Supertab for a couple of days and then it just becomes cumbersome and slow. Even on my Mac Studio it takes a second to popup and I ain’t got that kinda time :slight_smile:

In Oct 21, I had emailed Nick that automatic copying would greatly help my workflow. Again and again it happens that I mark something and then execute an extension, but shortly afterwards I need the marked part somewhere else.
I had suggested to put this option in the settings, so that the user can choose if he wants to have this feature or not. I would love it if there was this option.

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This calls for a clipboard manager app :slight_smile:

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