Google Translate Bug

When I use the Google Translate popclip, it tries to load I have to add an s after http to convert it to https, to get the page to load.

PopClip 2022.5, macOS 12.6

Steps to reproduce

  1. Select some text
  2. Click the Google Translate popclip button
  3. A new tab opens, and tries to load (for instance,|auto&text=Sur%20podaís%20tomar%20qualesquier%20navíos), but instead displays an ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE msg
  4. I type an s after http, to create https://…
  5. I press Enter
  6. The page loads
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Thanks for the report. Yes, the extension was quite old and still using just http://. I’ve just updated it by adding the s. You’ll just need to re-download from Google Translate — PopClip Extensions

Fantastic, thanks Nick!

Strange thing was that it used to work, at least intermittently, because often (but not always it seemed), Google was redirecting http to https, but seems to have stopped doing that for the translate subdomain. It does, of course, for the TLD, and for other subdomains (, for instance) … I think someone just screwed up the server redirects.

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