Great news Popclip is on Setapp platform

Great news for Popclip (and Nick), Popclip is now on Setapp.
This will broaden the visibility of Popclip and hopefully give Nick some money.

Congratulations Nick


Question — does this mean the trick where you install the Mac App Store version of PopClip, then install the beta version on top work with the Setapp version as well (provided I install it in the /Applications/Setapp folder?

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Great! I got Setapp recently so I could give a bit of extra support to the developers of stuff I use all the time, and it’s good to see @nick getting a piece of that!

Are there any migration issues to think about? Just before I dive in and check it myself. :grinning:

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I’ve quit using my paid for version and have installed the SetApp version to give PopClip more support. I love this program and have been using it for years. I think ever since I started using macOS!

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Hey folks, yes PopClip was launched on SetApp yesterday! I’ll do an official announcement post later and include info about migration etc. & answer the questions in this thread.

Unfortunately I came down with food poisoning yesterday and just had a v. rough 24 hours :nauseated_face:

It’s great! Hope you are well, @nick

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I’ve put some notes about migrating here: PopClip is now available on Setapp

The tl;dr is, quit and delete your existing PopClip first, and all should be fine.

No, that won’t work. The Setapp edition has a different bundle identifier and is technically a completely different app (even though it has the same name). Installing the PopClip beta in the Setapp folder will probably run, but won’t be recognised by Setapp for activation or monetization purposes.

It might be possible for me to provide a beta for Setapp users, but I don’t know,. I’ll need to investigate the technical feasibility.

Felling much better this evening, thank you!

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Thanks @nick ! Those notes are great. Worked a charm.