Is the Evernote extension legit?

Hi there,

I was looking for an extension for Evernote.
Evernote is an application I am constantly using.

I did not see one in the official list of extensions but
I did find this:

Is this a legit and current extension?

Hi @Clipping, welcome — it is legit, but it is not a current extension.

That’s an old page from when there was an Evernote extension that worked, I should take it down.

The extension used an AppleScript to add the new note to Evernote, but with Evernote 10 the AppleScript support was removed from Evernote which broke the extension. So I took it down from the list.

However I’m hoping to put together a new extension using the Evernote API soon.


Hi, a test build of Evernote extension is available, see: Send to Evernote - #5 by nick

The final release of the new Evernote extension is available now: Evernote extension — it's back!