No ❤️ for LogSeq?

Surprised not to find an extension for pasting into LogSeq, anyone else out there wanting the same?

I haven’t tested it myself, but someone contributed a LogSeq extension the GitHub repo recently, available here:

Sidenote: In general, I’m way behind on putting out extensions for requested apps. The list now stands at 37 apps in the notes/todo category alone and several hundred requests in total. I would spend my entire time making and supporting extensions if I did all of them that were requested. Just keeping the 200-ish that I have made already working is turning out to be quite a commitment (for example, when Apple dropped PHP from macOS, I had to rewrite a whole bunch).

More recently, I have been focusing on efforts to further “democratise” extensions to make it easier for people to make their own – snippets have been a big part of this, and I have further ideas on that front (including improving discoverability and documentation about snippets, and a GUI front end for making simple extensions/snippets).

That said, I would like to make progress on some of the more popular requests for pre-made extensions. I’m thinking of putting up a poll for which to work on next.

And of course, anyone is free to make extensions, and the documentation is there for how to do it. I am also working on an improved directory to make it easier for people to publish their own extensions centrally for others to find, without me being the bottleneck.