Option modifier not working in extension

hi @nick

The ‘option’ key function seems failure in the new 2024.3.2(4516) version.

Mac mini M1 14.4.1

Confirmed. Will be fixed in next version; beta soon.

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Have the below extension and when I hold ⌥ and click the popclip hover icon for this extension, it just says Copied instead of opening the URL. This used to work earlier. Clicking the extension without ⌥ works fine.

PopClip 2024.3.2. 4516
macOS 14.4.1

// # popclip
// name: Amazon Search | ⌥ for Order Search
// icon: iconify:ri:amazon-fill
// requirements: [text, "!url"]
// lang: js
const query = encodeURIComponent(popclip.input.text);
if (popclip.modifiers.option) {
  popclip.openUrl("https://www.amazon.com/gp/your-account/order-history?search=" + query);
} else {
  popclip.openUrl("https://www.amazon.com/s?k=" + query);  
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Hey, unfortunately I broke this in the last update. I’ll release a new beta later today with the fix.

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Option should work again in Build 4548. It will appear as Setapp beta too once passed review.


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