PopClip not working in Superlist

Hello, I have started using Superlist, but PopClip does not work in the Mac app. Here is a video of it not working:
CleanShot 2024-05-01 at 07.50.30

I wonder if it is because Superlist has its own overlay?

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Can you evoke it by using the keyboard shortcut?


It’s actually because Superlist does not have athe usual Cut, Copy and Paste menu items in its Edit menu. PopClip uses these as part of its text detection.

May or may not be able to work around it. I’ll keep you posted.

@nick as a paying customer of Superlist, I would be happy to submit feedback to them requesting they add support for OS based copy/cut/paste.
How would you recommend I word that?

Thank you! I tried it out and it works!
I will use this until Superlist supports OS based copy/cut/paste or Nick is able to add support into PopClip.