Run macOS Shortcut from Snippet?

Is it possible to write a Snippet which executes a macOS shortcut after it terminates?

Or alternatively which executes another PopCip action?

For example I would like to use the new “Copy with Link” PopCip extension and then either run a Shortcut which sends the Clipboard contents as a Message or which passes the Cilpboard contents to the existing Messages extension.

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Chaining Popclip extensions would be great … then you could have an extension that runs a shortcut from a URL scheme, and call it as from another action.


Shortcuts absolutely … I’ll do a full “How to” post on it soon but it’s as simple as:

# popclip
name: Shortcuts Example
shortcut name: Shortcut Name Here

Extension chaining is definitely an exciting possibilty. It’s not currenrtly possible, but this is definitely one of the bats up there in in the ideas belfry. As always it’s just a case of one thing at a time…


Not complaining! I’m impressed at how much you are adding, and how quickly. Even without chaining, the snippet feature is so simple to use, it’s easy enough to make compound actions by reusing bits of code, etc.

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Yes that works!

Wow - that is super helpful

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@rkaplan & @tf2 I use Keyboard Maestro for this. The automation possibilities of macOS is many times more than Siri shortcuts etc. could do.

There is a PopClip DeepL extension, but it only opens the web page and translates the text into a language.

So I created an extension like this:


The Keybaord Maestro macros can be adapted to further requirements.

The idea of PopClip to execute different actions on the cursor has inspired me years ago to create various PopClip’s (:wink:).

So I can also call a submenu (here screenshots) and execute different actions.
Here are a few examples


Interesting - what do you use to create your PopClip extensions? How do you get the submenus after activating those extension?

@rkaplan these are not PopClip extension. I have only arranged the Keybaord Maestro macros in the style of PopClip, because I wanted to have the screenshot selection directly at the cursor.


OK - so you use “Show Macro Group for One Action”

Very nice - I like that combination with PopClip - thank you!

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I am not a developer, is there a general explainer somewhere on how to do this? Thx.

Hi Dan, I’ve just put an explainer together here: How to run a macOS Shortcut from PopClip