Smil-ify Amazon Links

I frequently share Amazon links with friends, but I don’t like the tracking information that gets tacked on the end, and I much prefer to share them using Amazon Smile which donates money to charity. I created this extension to trim the tracking information off, and swap the www. with smile.. It works on editable text.

It’s in a GitHub Repo for anyone who wants to grab it.

One thing I know I need to do: Sort out the requirements so this is only available when you select an Amazon Link, but any other feedback people have I will gladly attempt to incorporate!

(I should note, I started by creating this with PopMaker and then modifying the file which is in Ruby and I’m not a Ruby dev! I should try making one of these in JS sometime :wink:

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Thanks for sharing! I’m really pleased to see people posting their creations in the new forum category. And also welcome to the forum @RosemaryOrchard

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