Standalone PopClip license keys are now available to buy

Starting today, standalone license keys for PopClip are available to buy from my website. Purchases are processed by my reseller partner, Paddle.

Additionally, customers in China, Taiwan, Macao and Hong Kong can now buy PopClip from my exclusive reseller partner in China, Digitalychee (数码荔枝). Digitalychee customers will enjoy local pricing and payments, and local support in Chinese.

PopClip continues to be available to buy on the Mac App Store and by subscription on Setapp.

The one-time-purchase price remains USD 16.99 on both Paddle and the Mac App Store. Local pricing and tax varies and can be seen in each store.

I have also published an updated Terms of License that clearly defines the terms and conditions for each purchase type.


For most of PopClip’s existence, it has only been available on the Mac App Store. But I regularly receive requests from customers wanting to buy outside the App Store. I also want to ensure that my business and livelihood are not tied to one entity. Therefore, I have recently set up additional sales channels.

Last month, I partnered with the app subscription service Setapp to make PopClip available there, and today I am announcing the availability of direct license key purchases.


Some existing Mac App Store customers may wish to use the standalone PopClip instead. App Store customers are NOT entitled to a free license key – the purchases are separate, with separate license agreements. However, I am currently offering a 50% discount on license key purchases to existing App Store customers. Please email proof of your App Store PopClip purchase to, and I will send you a coupon code.

Tip: Mac App Store customers don’t need a license key to run the standalone download edition of PopClip (including betas). If you run a PopClip download on a Mac that has previously run the Mac App Store edition, it will automatically detect and activate itself with a stored copy of your Mac App Store receipt.



Is there a difference in functionality between the MAS and the standalone version? (And the SetApp version, too, while we’re at it.)

And is one better for you at the developer?


There is no difference at all in functionality between the three editions (Standalone, MAS and Setapp). There are minor differences in the about screens, and the MAS and Setapp editions have no “check for updates” checkbox since updates are applied externally.

For me, it’s roughly equivalent, and you should pick whichever you prefer. Paddle takes a slightly smaller percentage than Apple (~7.5% vs 15%), but buying on MAS is good, too, especially if you leave a good rating and review to help discovery and rankings.

If you already have a Setapp subscription, though, you should use the Setapp version if you want to support me because that way, I will get a cut of your monthly subscription.


I have the MAS version. Why would I purchase the license version other than to give you a little extra money (which is fine, but why else?)?

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For most people who already have PopClip from the Mac App Store, there is no reason. There’s no difference in functionality, and the Mac App Store has the benefits of convenient installation, updates & reinstallation.

However, sometimes people with the MAS app want to switch to a standalone installation. The most common reasons I’m given are:

  • Employer issues – they want to use the app on a work computer, and the employer has restrictions on using the Mac App Store and/or personal Apple IDs.

  • Apple ID issues – they lost access to their Apple ID account, they have switched to a new Apple ID, or they use multiple Apple IDs.

  • Personal reasons – they dislike using the Mac App Store, either because of ideological opposition to Apple’s policies or because they simply have a preference.

  • Power-user reasons – they(?) have begun using Homebrew and a Brewfile to manage all their apps, perhaps as part of their fivehead dotfiles [YouTube] setup :nerd_face:. (Actually, nobody has given me that reason, but they should.)

In conclusion, if you are happy with PopClip from the MAS then carry on just as you are. But the option is there for those few who want or need to switch.