Underline extension?

Popclip’s Highlight extension has been super useful (I mostly use it in DEVONthink and PDF Expert), but sometimes I wish I could underline texts with Popclip.

So I’m wondering if you could consider making an Underline extension if it is technically possible.

Thanks a lot!

The Formatting extension does include an Underline as well as Bold and Italic. It works by simply pressing ⌘U for you so it works anywhere that has such an underline option.

If you want just Underline, the following snippet will do it:

# popclip
name: Underline
icon: symbol:underline
key combo: command U

(The above block is an extension snippet - select it to install the extension with PopClip)

Unfortunately, the Formatting extension doesn’t work with DEVONthink or PDF Expert, and in addition, their underline shortcuts are not cmd u.
But since the Highlight extension work with both, each of which has a different shortcut, I thought there could be an underline extension for both (but DEVONthink doesn’t seem to have a shortcut for underlining a text).

What type of Devonthink document are you using?

I just tried it with a rich text document in Devonthink - Command U does work and the new Underline snippet also works fine

PDF Expert is a bit more complex. It uses Shift Command U rather than Command U, but more than that - you have to seleect Underline mode first and then select the text afterwards. So it is the reverse of the usual Popclip situation where you select the text and then choose the command.

Oh, I should have mentioned that I was talking about PDF documents.
Underlining in PDF seems a little tricky in DEVONthink.

Annotation is always going to be more complex in a PDF document than editing in regular text processing software. Probably not realistic for PopClip to ever handle that situation by itself. Maybe you could do it if Popclip were to call a Keyboard Maestro macro.