Updated extension: TaskPaper

The TaskPaper extension is also updated for Monterey:


Send the text to TaskPaper 3 (“Plain text to-do lists for Mac”).

Download: TaskPaper.popclipextz


The extension has one action, which takes the selected plain text and adds it as a new task in the Inbox project of the open TaskPaper document.

If no TaskPaper document is currently open, the extension will show an “X”.


This is an extension for PopClip.


Nick Moore


The JSX script used is based on the one posted by Jesse Grosjean at the Hog Bay Software forum.


Requires PopClip 2022.5



5 May 2022

  • Updated for compatibility with macOS Monterey.

8 Oct 2019

  • Removed support for TaskPaper 2.

27 Jan 2017

  • Updated to add support for the version of Taskpaper that comes with Setapp.

20 May 2016

  • Updated to support TaskPaper 3. Required use of scripting interface because TP3 does not have the “send to inbox” service.

14 Nov 2012

  • Initial release

I was typing a Q about an app store update, when it appeared!

and I can confirm it doesn’t work on the non-updated version :grinning: just as it says in the documentation.

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