' X ' : Extension failing (re. Copy as Markdown)

Hey Guys,

I’ve been using PopClip for a month and loved one particular extension Copy as Markdown. To me, this extension alone was worth the $15 cost of the app.

However, once I had purchased the app this morning it no longer functions. - see my loom video

Basically the problem is - I select text with hyperlinks and style, PopClip appears and select ‘Copy as Markdown’ , immediately after I get an ‘X’ on the screen. I go over to a notes taking app like drafts and paste, but no markdown appears just the text.

What have I tried?? removed extension, and re-add it // delete app, and re-installed // turned my Mac off and on again

Any ideas?? :slight_smile:

Welcome @jezarnold (and redditors) and thanks for the kind words.

I’m guessing you recently installed macOS 12.3 Beta?

So, Apple has retired Python 2 as of this beta. And since Copy as Markdown uses a python script, it is failing with the ‘X’.

(You may also see this message the first time using the Copy as Markdown extension:

and the Learn More… link leads to this page on python.org.)

The good news is I already have something in the works to replace this extension (Markdown support was a big part of the recent PopClip update) and it should be ready soon. I’ll post again in this thread when it is ready.


ha ! yep :100:

no worries @nick … look forward to seeing the results !

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Update is done :robot:- you’ll need to re-download from here: Copy as Markdown — PopClip Extensions

When you get a chance to try it, please let me know if it is working for you, before I publicise the update.

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GREAT NEWS !!! It works perfectly. thanks @nick

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You are amazing Nick!!! Thanks!
Stan Lubeck

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Thanks for the feedback!