Create categories or presets for specific tasks

It would be helpful if you could tailor the extensions installed at any one time

Problem: There is a limitation to how many extensions one can have installed and available at any one time.
This makes sense as adding a lot of extensions would defeats the convenance of PopClip.

Proposed solution: Allow the user to create different groups or presets of extensions tailored to what the user is doing at the moment. These groups would allow different mixes of extensions. User could create any number of these and switch between them.

Examples: If you are writing a blog post, you could “load/select” a group of extensions that are tailored to writing blog posts (Copy, Past, Google, Word Count, etc).

If you are coding you could select extensions that pertain to that task (Copy, Past, Brackets, Alternating Case. Dash, etc).

I may be mistaken but the difference with this approach and the topic:
Show specific extension only on specific apps” is twofold.

  1. The “mix” of extensions are manually selected. There is no need to detect the app you are woking in. Which could be a issue in any case if you are working with a number of apps such as a code editor, a webpage, and an sql client for example. Here you would just choose your “Web Dev” group to load the useful extensions and their order for the developer task).

  2. It would allow you to have in you extensions “pool” more extensions installed as they would not all be in use at the same time, only those that are relevant to the task at hand. This would in effect remove the extension limit and give the user fewer extensions (in the most useful order) for the task at hand.

I use this program all the time, and I have extensions that I would love to have installed but the limit stops me from using them. Also it would be great if I could have fewer extensions installed at any one point and the order they are in. Since while good when coding, or writing, they are not optimal for surfing the web or reading a book.

The ability to just select a user defined “preset” would be a major improvement.

Thank you for PopClip, and Thank you for your time.


Great suggestion, I can see the utility of this.

Any ideas for how something like this this would be set up and laid out in the user interface. That’s the hard part of getting this right.

Also I wonder what would be the method and interface of switching the sets during use.

I hate the idea of some kind of complicated interface for defining and editing the sets and so on … if it can be done in a clear and simple way, maybe this can happen. Food for thought… :thinking: