I purchased PopClip and now it asks to buy again (SOLUTION)

Hello, I paid for this app via the App store and it was working fine but a few hours ago, it does not work and become a trial version. It wants to pay again to use this.

Please tell me what is the solution.

Thank you.


Hi, the solution is to reinstall PopClip from the Mac App Store.

Detailed steps

  1. Quit PopClip and delete it from your Applications folder (don’t worry, your extensions and settings won’t be lost).
  2. Go to the Mac App Store and sign in with the Apple ID you used when you bought PopClip.
  3. Install your purchased PopClip from the Mac App Store for free.

More information - why has this happened?

You bought PopClip on the Mac App Store originally, but you have since installed a standalone version of PopClip from my website instead. It has been working till now because it was reading a stored copy of your Mac App Store receipt. But on February 7th 2023, an Apple signing certificate expired, and PopClip could no longer validate the receipt. Reinstalling from the Mac App Store will refresh the receipt.


Thansk a lot. Worked!! After a big shock of course!

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Thank you. It is working fine now.

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What does this mean for your beta releases, since they are direct downloads from you website, but not from the Mac App Store?

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Beta will be affected similarly since the unlock mechanism for all standlone downloads is to detect the stored MAS receipt. Delete beta, reinstall from Mac App Store to refresh the stored receipt, then install beta again.

(Note that this problem only affects people who bought on MAS but now running a standlone download; people actually running the MAS version won’t see “Trial Expired” but could possibly get an “app is damaged please reinstall” from the storeagent instead.)

Thank you for confirming the solution!

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